It's official: Winter is here!

It's a rainy time here in little old Auckland. The chill is definitely in the air as we bust out our cuddly jumpers, scarves, and the trusty heater.

It could be miserable, but I secretly enjoy the beautiful Winter fashion and trends. Eyeliner can get a little heavier, lipstick can get a little darker and more vivid, and the beautiful plums, maroons, and chocolates come out. Skin can be more matte and natural as we don't have to attempt the tanned contouring of summer. And nothing beats a gorgeous trench coat and black over-the-knee boots!

Don't forget to boost lip and skin hydration in these drying months. A few drops of a quality facial oil (rosehip, marula and tamanu are my favourites) as an extra step before moisturising or in your foundation will keep you glowing.

I also get extra time to work on some special projects for Floralia! Keep your eyes peeled for something new...

New shades? New product? New outlets? Only time will tell! What do you think or hope it might be? ;)

Wherever you happen to be, keep smiling and being your best self.


xx Razel

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