New visitors and new friends

We had an exciting week of launching our new site! 

We have had great feedback and suggestions, and as always, am happy to hear more of it so keep it coming. Being the techaholic that I am, I'm always on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube scanning for cool content! There are some talented people out there and it's great for inspiration. 

Just some of your suggestions have already gone live!

This includes:

  • Free shipping on all orders for our new customers in New Zealand and Australia for a limited time. Normally this requires a $45 minimum spend but we are eager for you to try it!
  • We are now offering samples of all products for $1.50 each, posted out to you for free. Now you can have a play with the different shades and find what works for you before buying. We just want you to be happy!

And just remember, we have new products and shades popping up all the time so keep checking in and have a peek.

Have a great Easter weekend all!

xx Razel

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