Perfect your lipstick application

Without any silicones, plasticisers, alcohol or other irritating additives in our natural formulation, it is crucial to start with a great base and layer your lipstick correctly for long lasting and comfortable wear.


1. Use your favourite face scrub, soft toothbrush or wet face cloth over your lips to slough away any flaky skin. 

2. Apply moisturiser and followed by a layer of rich lip balm. Let this absorb and sink in for a few minutes.

3. Blot excess lip balm with a tissue.

Optional: Our semi-matte plant wax formula means you won't need lip liner but feel free to use a skin toned or matching colour lip liner all over your lips.

4. Dot lipstick onto lips directly from tube or apply a light layer with a lip brush. Continually add more layers until desired colour intensity is achieved.

Optional: Dab a little bit of lip balm or gloss to the centre of your lips. Not too much so the colour doesn't bleed but to keep lips hydrated and colour smoother for longer.

5. Go about your merry way with fantastic lips!


Do you have any tips to share? Let us know down below!

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