What's coming up in Floralia-land...

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the General Collective market at the ASB Showgrounds last weekend.

It was utterly amazing to see all the beautiful, handcrafted works by awesome local New Zealanders. I came away with a delicious cupcake or two, and a tonne of inspiration.


Floralia Cosmetics is purely sold online at this stage, but it got me thinking about how much people still love the chance to smell, touch and feel products before they buy. Especially something so personal as skin care and makeup. So I'm making it my goal to hold a stall at a market such as this one so more of you can experience the goodness that is Floralia :) 

Don't forget that I always give away free samples with every order and am also happy to exchange them for an honest review!


You may have also noticed the launch of our Balancing Face Mist. I've always adored mists because it envelops you in a refreshing, yummy cloud and then my serum or moisturiser locks in all that hydration. And so much easier than dealing with cotton balls all the time - perfect for on the go. I've been known to mist frequently during those long-haul flights! 

We have more exciting products along the way, both in the skin and cosmetic range.

Hints include: tiny, foam, pH, and petals. Stay tuned to find out what that's all about ;)




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